Give thanks and gobble gobble with these Thanksgiving Chocolate Favourites in pure irresistible creamy milk chocolate!
Make Trick or Treating more fun with these
FavouriteHalloween Characters.
Made with 100% irresistible NON-GMO Pure Chocolate!
Everyone will surely enjoy!
Artisan Milk Chocolate Large Turkey,
900 g
Beautifully handcrafted Artisanal Milk Chocolate Turkey made with NON-GMO Creamy
Milk Chocolate
Perfect for a wonderful gift and a lovely accent for your table.
Unit Measurement:
8" x 7" x 9"
Donini Solid Milk Chocolate Turkey Novelty
Solid Milk Chocolate Turkey Novelty, 70 g
Donini Milk Chocolate Turkey Lollipop
Milk Chocolate Turkey Lollipop, 20 g
Donini Pumpkin Patch Bar with Reese's Pieces
Pumpkin Patch Chocolate Bar with Reese's Pieces,
100 g
Donini Milk Chocolate Witch Lollipop.jpg
Milk Chocolate Witch Lollipop, 40 g
Donini Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Lollipop.j
Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Lollipop, 60 g
Donini Milk Chocolate Skull Lollipop.jpg
Milk Chocolate Skull Lollipop, 40 g
Donini Spooky Halloween Chocolate Bar
Spooky Halloween Chocolate Bar, 100 g
Donini Spooky Skeleton Chocolate Bar
Spooky Skeleton Chocolate Bar, 60 g