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Here at Donini Chocolate, 

Our mission is to Create Sweet Smiles!

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Celebrate Love

with exquisite Valentine's Day Chocolate Favourites

All of our Signature Chocolate Bars
are formulated Couverture which contains an exceptionally high cocoa butter content giving it a rich and luxurious mouth-feel.
Indulge yourself with our selection of unique Artisan Gourmet Chocolate Treasures!
As seen on Food Network - Food Factory. A classic love story between two of Europe's favourite pleasures, Chocolate and Coffee!
Excellent for baking, eating and fondue.
Twice the value,
twice the treat!
Lovingly handcrafted just to make any event more memorable and special!
Artisan Hand Poured Chocolate Almond Barks with crunchy double roasted whole California Almonds drizzled with more chocolate on top!
From the first bite to the last, you can taste the freshness and quality that makes it so deliciously good!
Oh Canada Eh?
Northern Pride at it's best!
Each one a mouth watering masterpiece skillfully created by hand.
Delightful Sweet Treats for children of all ages!
Decorating, moulding and shaving,
we got you covered for all your baking needs.
Celebrate every season, every occasion or every ordinary day with these Artisan Chocolate Gifts and Treats!
Enjoy the great taste and unique style of our handcrafted favours for your
special day!
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