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Classic Chocolate

Chocolate Bars and Barks

Bars and Barks made in all sizes, styles and tastes.  


No Sugar Added (NSA)

Chocolate that is Just as sweet but without the sugar.

Donini No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate, 200g

Gourmet Chocolate 
   Our company's unique treasure.

Chocolate of a high cocoa percentage, that excludes GMOs is uniquely handcrafted to produce a rich aroma, smooth texture and exquisite taste.



Chocolate's partner in crime.

Image by Yes and Studio

Chocolate & Yogurt Covered

Improving treats by dipping them in chocolate or yogurt.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Gift Boxes and Baskets

Luxury gifts filled with Donini's finest chocolate and treats.



Mouth watering masterpieces skillfully handcrafted using only the freshest of ingredients and the finest chocolate. 

Artisanal Truffles

Baking and Melting

all the materials you would need to bake with Donini Chocolate.

Melted Chocolate


Re-inventing chocolate with honey.

CocoaBee-Choc pumpkin Seeds.jpg

For Shipping Outside of Ontario Please call 613-967-2378 ex. 58

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