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Signature bars

Luxurious chocolate made with an exceptionally high cocoa butter content making it a perfect companion to enjoy with wines or simply on their own. 

Signature Bars.png

No Sugar Added (NSA)

Just as sweet but without the sugar.

Donini No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate, 200g

Gourmet Chocolate 
   Our company's unique treasure.

Chocolate of a high cocoa percentage, that excludes GMOs is uniquely handcrafted to produce a rich aroma, smooth texture and exquisite taste.


Double Bars

Twice the treat.

double bars_bg.jpg

Baking Bars

Formed of pure non-gmo couverture chocolate. The bars' high gloss properties, making it excellent for baking, snaking and fondue. 

Pieces of Chocolate


Enjoy your favourite chocolates in snack size.

Signature Bars.png

Novelty Bars

Using the unrivaled taste of Donini chocolate our team creates bars for every occasion.

Signature Bars.png


A collection of Velvety smooth textured sheets of chocolate that incorporate complementing ingredients.

Donini Chocolate Barks Scene4.jpg
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